Vredestein and Italdesign cooperated for the a brand-new ultra-high-performance Wintrac Pro winter tyre, which has been recently awarded the best winter tyre by German automotive magazine AutoBild.

The Vredestein Wintrac Pro answers the growing market demands in the 17-inch and higher ultra-high-performance segment. The tyre merges an attractive design with advanced technology.

The collaboration between Vredestein and Italdesign dates back to the late 90s when the first “tyre signed by a designer” came out: the Vredestein Ultrac. Many other projects have followed both for winter and summer hi-performance tyres.

“Designing a new tyre is a real challenge – Head of Industrial Design at Italdeisgn, Nicola Guelfo said – there are a lot of technical factor you have to take into consideration: rolling, safety, water draining, performance, rolling noise… The collaboration with Vredestein is a true relationship: designers and technicians work closely to get to a final solution that perfectly matches aesthetics and technical requirements. Our contribution to the Wintrac Pro is clearly visible on the shoulder of the tyre. We designed a bran new graphic using two different patterns to create a contrast between a matt background and more vivid lines. We wanted to communicate at a glance the tyre’s features: luxury, power, sportiness, hi-performances and top quality».