A partnership agreement has strengthened collaboration between Italdesign and the Turin Polytechnic University. The agreement was announced today, Thursday 23 November, in the Giovanni Agnelli main lecture hall at the Institute on Corso Duca degli Abruzzi in Turin.

This partnership agreement, which is valid for three years, expresses a desire to strengthen and organize a collaboration which has been ongoing for a number of years. Research, technological development, and innovation activities, in particular, will now enjoy greater continuity, as the range of joint efforts and European and international projects will be strategically broadened.


The subjects of collaboration include:

  • specific research projects financed by Italdesign;
  • promotion of disseminating a scientific and technological culture, as well as a culture of management and of innovation;
  • organization of events coordinated with other local bodies, and support for research and innovation projects financed by Turin Polytechnic through the disbursement of sponsorships by Italdesign;
  • promotion of the internationalization of research and training activities in ways that include participation in international and European projects, which are a strategic asset in the positioning policies of both the company and of Turin Polytechnic; as a result, joint actions for creating a network of international relationship s will be identified.


Italdesign HR Director while signing the agreement

The agreement also covers the fields of instruction and postgraduate training, to give a boost to forms of direct student involvement; in particular, Italdesign is committed to offering its support for:

  • the completion of degree theses, projects and reports;
  • the organization of visits and teaching internships at its headquarters;
  • financing doctorate positions with research programs;
  • financing scholarships and/or research grants, as well as doctorate grants;
  • making its laboratories available for performing doctorate research.



“Italdesign is a company that has consistently placed innovation in the field of vehicle and mobility development at the center of its mission”, explained Giuseppe Savino, Organization and Human Resources Director at Italdesign. “We’ve been investing in training and development for years, in order to be major players in revolutionizing mobility and bearers of new visions that anticipate the future. We’re proud to collaborate with an Institute of excellence, in an ongoing quest for mutual reinforcement. Through this agreement, which will last three years and is renewable in a context of long-term collaboration, we shall embrace the challenges of the future together”.

“Collaboration with a firm with a solid tradition, such as Italdesign, again demonstrates the institute’s ability to connect with corporate players and thus play an active role in processes of innovation and the diffusion of technology in our local area””, added Emilio Paolucci, Vice – Rector for Technological Diffusion, who concluded, “this agreement also represents an additional opportunity for our students to complete their training in an innovative way, in which direct contact with an actual company enhances their skills and, as a result, their preparation for the working world”.