Italdesign Industrial Division to announce collaboration with Dieci Official on the new Agri Farmer GD, Agri Max GD, Agri Plus GD and Agri Star GD agricultural machines.

To characterize Dieci’s new range of products we worked both on the external style and on the interior design of the cabins. Bold lines and new graphics underline the high quality and performances of the vehicles, while the cabins were designed keeping the operator in mind: aesthetics, ergonomics and attention to the details are harmoniously blended to deliver an operator-centered work environment.

“At Italdesign we believed that a good design has to be a useful design – Head of Industrial Design, Nicola Guelfo said – it has to be a solution to a need, in the most elegant way. This is how we approached Dieci’s request for a redesign of their ranges. We also worked on the materials, choosing particular plastics that, thanks to their soft touch, contribute to the overall high quality and comfort inside the cabin”.