Italdesign will attend the second edition of Greentech Festival, Nico Rosberg‘s exhibition dedicated to sustainable mobility, which will be held at Berlin Kraftwerk from September 16 to 18.

Italdesign, which was already present in 2019, will display four projects dedicated to green urban mobility: Ducati Urban-E foldable e-bike, the first running prototype of WheeM-i, the sharing transportation system for people on wheelchair, the pedal-assisted kart Berg Vision and the fully electric scooter Askoll Dixie.

Ducati Urban-E Wold-premiere

Ideal for urban mobility, combining innovative and ergonomic solutions with a unique style, Urban-E is built on a special aluminum frame, designed by Italdesign Industrial Design Division in collaboration with Centro Stile Ducati, features an Easy-Folding System allowing an easy fold and release in a few simple steps.

The cockpit presents a fully integrated LCD display in the stem, allowing the control of all the assistance functions, checking the remaining battery charge and turning the LED lights on and off. Thanks to the 378Wh battery, Urban-E has up to 70 km range with a full charge.

WheeM-i running prototype World-Premiere

After displaying a first mock-up at the 2019 Gitex in Dubai, Italdesign brings to Berlin the very first moving prototype of the WheeM-i project.

WheeM-i is the bicycle-sharing system equivalent for wheelchairs. It consists of “wheel-on”, meaning the user can roll on it directly with the wheelchair, semi-autonomous, electric devices, located in urban hubs, making travelling around cities much simpler and easier for people with lightweight manual wheelchairs.

Users will be able to book WheeM-i through an app, reaching the closest hub and getting on board the pre-booked WheeM-i with their own wheelchairs. At the end of the service, users will return it to the closest hub, making it available for the next ones.

Berg Vision and Askoll Dixie: electric is fun!

For Danish Toy Berg, Italdesign brought to life a prototype for a pedal-assisted kart, meant for everyone’s fun. Berg Vision is an innovative, sporty, electric, playful, grown up pedal go-kart filled with technological marvels and an unmistakable design.

Smart on-board computer, fully integrated light system and a 250 W electric engine that will support the pedaling.

Born to turn city commuting easy and fun, full electric scooter Dixy was born out of the collaboration with Askoll. The Dixy scooters are large, with a more protective shield, and offer even better safety while driving.

Powered as standard by two lithium ion battery packs with a total combined capacity of 2,090 Wh and weighing 7.6 kg each, Dixy features a digital display with a Bluetooth connectivity and communication module for connection to the new Askoll Smart Drive App.