“We know the concept of digital twins is not new, but today, thanks to the range of technologies at our disposal, this is among the many services we are able to easily offer our clients and partners. Our CES 2023 digital stand is based on WebGL libraries. It’s a truly immersive experience, definitely sustainable and inclusive. It’s suitable for any device and enjoyable anytime, from anywhere, by anybody worldwide. It has allowed us to meet and interact with visitors who could not attend the event in-person and has therefore increased accessibility for our global audience. At CES this year, we offered a ‘hybrid’ experience, with a physical exhibition booth and its digital twin, extremely helpful to maximize the engagement period of the event and number of visits to our booth. The show is over now, but our digital booth is not. It’s still set-up for you. Have you visited it yet? If not, you can experience it here


We’re waiting for your comments”.

Sergio Carena, Simone Cuccurullo, Andrea Forino for SW Development
Fabio Pirri for Design & CGI

Italdesign Digital Stand – CES 2023