Italdesign will be exhibiting at VTM Torino (Vehicle & Transportation Innovation Meetings), taking place at the OGR (Officine Grandi Riparazioni) exhibition center in Turin on the 27th and 28th of November.

Italdesign, in keeping with its tradition as an innovative company and creator of futuristic ideas, is taking steps to deal with the already relevant challenge of future urban mobility in a professional manner. To do so, Italdesign is incorporating a new Mobility Solutions division within its organization and strategic plan, alongside the existing business: Innovation Design and Turn-Key Vehicle engineering and vehicle-production business units, to operate with 360° approach to future mobility, smart cities and with different means of transportation.


Italdesign will be using the occasion to present its expertise, touching on topics which go beyond the technical sector alone. The topic of future mobility will be tackled with a global overview incorporating innovative technologies and all the socioeconomic aspects linked to the development of megacities through a human-centric approach to the needs of these conurbations and their citizens.

‘Mobility as a service’ will thus become a concept which aims to improve the quality of life of the ever-increasing numbers of people migrating to urban areas. Italdesign Mobility Solutions Division is working to imagine and provide services to optimize citizens and goods mobility within the cities minimizing the impact on existing urban structures. Topics such as maintaining personal space and effective use of time when moving around the city will become essential to finding solutions which always have the people at the center of this research as the main goal. The Business unit Mobility Solutions will cover this area from and end to end approach, including ideation, user research, business modelling.

“Putting people, the citizens, at the center of our vision of mobility as a service, by combining the knowledge and technical expertise we have developed over 50 years, will allow us to take on a new approach to tackling the topic of future mobility,” according to Massimo Martinotti, Head of Project Management & Mobility Solutions Division. “The future is already here: people are at the center of our research, because our end goal is to try to make living in the city better. Italdesign is positioning itself as a cross-sectoral research hub for the industrial, urban planning, regulatory and social sectors, amongst others.”

About VTM Torino

VTM Torino is a new mobility technology event that brings together the vehicle and transportation community: from vehicle makers and tier suppliers to mobility decision makers, disruptive technology entrepreneurs and solution providers. This unmissable event features a full program of conference sessions that will bring together the vehicle and transportation community to explore the key challenges and opportunities of the future of mobility and new vehicle technologies.