February 13, 2023: Italdesign is celebrating 55 years, with an eye to the future and strengthened by a unique and distinctive heritage.

In 1968, Italdesign was the first to overthrow the stereotype of beauty applied only to elite vehicles produced in short runs, and its formula in the world of coachbuilders was new: working for large-scale production worldwide by offering the development of turnkey projects.

55 year of ideneering

The company has changed over the years. It has grown, and evolved continuously and competitively in terms of people, floor space, assets, services, projects, business sectors and markets.

Italdesign has a solid heritage,” said Antonio Casu, CEO. “Propensity to change and projection towards the future have distinguished us since 1968. We have been disruptive since the beginning of our history, and we continue to be so with our visionary creations. Climb-E is dedicated to our fifty-fifth anniversary. We developed it with Schindler Group and the Politecnico di Torino. It made its world debut few weeks ago at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. It is a modular project that proposes a futuristic and inclusive mobility solution, and namely a capsule that – as the name itself states – ‘climbs’ on the structures of civil and residential buildings, so adding the third dimension to mobility. Is it a challenge that may seem improbable? Maybe, but it might meet with tangible confirmation if, for instance, we think about the 170 km-long vertical city under construction in the Saudi Arabian desert. Innovation has always been the common thread joining and directing our functions and activities, and design continues to play that same strategic role it played fifty-five years ago. With Joaquin Garcia on board as Head of Design, we will continue to bring forward new ideas and to give our strong and distinguishing contribution. We will continue to be this, and much more. Our ambition is to be the first choice for all of our customers, whether new or consolidated,” and he concluded by saying, “Happy anniversary, Italdesign.”