Italdesign will take part to Smart City Now, that will take place in Milan 26 September, within the MIND district, in the same area which hosted Expo 2015.

Smart City Now, at its third edition, is organized by Fondazione Cluster Tecnologie per le Smart Cities & Communities – Lombardia, to promote research and development supporting innovation to design, develop and build the most advanced technologies for integrated systems management on an urban scenario.

For this occasion, Italdesign Mobility Solutions Department will be talking about “Extending the mobility service”, within the “Digital transformation scenarios” keynotes; Italdesign will introduce an applied study, based on mathematical models, predictive algorithms, UX softwares, specifically developed for the MIND district.

«Strong of a 50-years experience in the international automotive industry – Massimo Martinotti, Head of Mobility Solutions at Italdesign says – where we immediately offered a “turn-key” approach, able to manage the entire project from the initial idea up to the start of mass production, we used the very same approach when it comes to future mobility. In this case we used the most advanced computed models, predictive algorithms and user interface systems, combining data, to develop a complete model for the MIND district as a smart city».

The result is a modal system combining pedestrian mobility, micro-mobility, personal mobility and public transportation with the already existing MIND Mobility service to perfectly fit the area and Innovation District’s future inhabitants’ needs.

Italdesign’s keynote is at 12am, at Cascina Triulza Auditorium, MIND – Milano Innovation District.