Italdesign is part of the Volkswagen Group since 2010 and has in recent years enriched its portfolio of services for the mobility industry acting as a technology “booster”, creating relationships also between OEMs and the most innovative start-ups.

«This role of “facilitator“ between the Volkswagen Group and the open market – stated Massimo Martinotti, Head of Mobility Solutions of Italdesign – is actually something that belongs to us not only because, in its way, Italdesign was founded as an ante litteram start-up but also because, as our history proves, we have always built relationships between the big players in the industry and new innovative realities».

Decisive is also in this role the support of Italdesign for a start-up, allowing it the use of the Volkswagen MEB platform and developing, as Automotive Engineering Provider selected for specific technical skills, the solution of an infrastructure that aims to increase the modularity and customization of vehicles.

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