Italdesign is glad to announce its technical support to DEUS Automobiles, a new brand aiming to become a touchstone in the automotive hypercar sector.

Austrian style and precision of DEUS will be blended with the Italian handcraftsmanship and heritage of Italdesign into a new high performance product.

Supporting Deus in the prototype construction and development activity forecasting for future production confirms Italdesign’s role as an integrator of technologies and Know-how.

“Thanks to our specific experience in development and pre-series production, we can offer strategic support and authority to newcomers in the automotive and mobility industries and can help solidify their ideas and get their visions ready for the road – said Giorgio Gamberini, Italdesign Business Development Director – As we’ve been in the past, today we are the ‘enabler’ for Deus, and we are and always will be an ‘integrator’ of our partners’ technology into new future products,” .

Deus’ 100% electric and luxury hypercars aim to achieve a new standard in driving emotions.

Stay tuned for more