“It’s been very busy for the DEUS, Italdesign, and Williams Advanced Engineering teams with great events and also progress on the development side,” said DEUS Founder and Head of Design Adrian-Filip Butuca. “We’re excited to return to America, this time on the west coast, and have another opportunity to show media and Vayanne fans what we’re doing.”

Project Team also releases new information about the production-oriented EV hypercar and new renderings showing the hypercar’s proposed EV platform technologies:

Power 2,243 horsepower (~1,650 kW)
Torque 2040 Nm
0-100 km/h 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in <1.99 seconds Top Speed >400 km/h (248 mph) top speed
Range 500 km (310 miles)
Weight <1,850 kg (4078 lbs)
Battery Summary 85 kWh / 800V
Battery Cell Format 21700 Cylindrical Cells
Battery Cell Chemistry Lithium Ion
Cooling Base Plate Liquid Cooled
Charge Time (350 kW) 20 minutes to 80 percent SOC
Front Drivetrain Single Speed, 550 kW
Rear Drivetrain Single Speed, 2 x 55 0kW

DEUS will produce only 99 examples, and no two will be exactly alike and customized to each owner’s individual tastes.

First deliveries are expected in 2025, and each Vayanne will be built at Italdesign’s facilities in Turin, Italy, with Williams Advanced Engineering on board to lead the application of its innovative electrification technologies.