Italdesign Giugiaro introduces Gea, the vision for future luxury mobility.

Come and discover Gea

  • D4

    Designed to push the limits and realize every shooting opportunity, this new professional FX-format camera brings new levels of image quality.
  • Metro Riyadh

    Giugiaro Design developed, in collaboration with Ansaldro STS, the new trains for Riyadh's metro line 3, in Saudi Arabia.
  • Arco

    Arco: a straight line and a curve; the purest of signs combined with the most natural movement that a hand can make. 
  • Clipper

    Clipper is the result of a study in style and engineering focusing on tomorrow's world and cities: this sporty MPV has a technological spirit and a green heart.
  • Double-deck Train

    Giugiaro Design to develop new interior design for Russian Transmashholding Group new double-deck train

Beauty comes down to mathematics.
When designing a car? You don't start from emotions.
Giorgetto Giugiaro

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