We seek simplicity, in order to create excellence.

What is beauty? How should it be defined?
What are the real secrets of something whose charm goes beyond technical considerations?

Since 1968 Italdesign Giugiaro has been devoted to the pursuit of functional, ergonomic design aimed at improving user experience. And everyday life.

That thin red line. Timeless design for an object with two eyes: one that looks upon the outside world and one with an inward gaze (the essence of the photographer).

Gabriele Salvatores

NIKON, 1974

The German legend was born 40 years ago just outside Turin, destined to conquer the world's roads.

GOLF, 1974

The Italian high-speed train is sleek and streamlined on the outside, comfortable and technological inside.


It is first and foremost functionality, without a doubt, that validates the project. Everything, unless strictly a work of art, has a functional value.
Giorgetto Giugiaro

Car Designer of the Century.

In 1999, in Las Vegas, an international jury comprising 120 journalists nominated Giorgetto Giugiaro
Car Designer of the Century

Investing a working tool with expressiveness, while at the same time addressing its ergonomic and functional aspects.

Giugiaro Design wins the
sixth Compasso d'Oro award
for the Deutz-Fahr 7250 TTV Agrotron tractor.

  • D4

    Designed to push the limits and realize every shooting opportunity, this new professional FX-format camera brings new levels of image quality.
  • Metro Riyadh

    Giugiaro Design developed, in collaboration with Ansaldro STS, the new trains for Riyadh's metro line 3, in Saudi Arabia.
  • Arco

    Arco: a straight line and a curve; the purest of signs combined with the most natural movement that a hand can make. 
  • Clipper

    Clipper is the result of a study in style and engineering focusing on tomorrow's world and cities: this sporty MPV has a technological spirit and a green heart.
  • Double-deck Train

    Giugiaro Design to develop new interior design for Russian Transmashholding Group new double-deck train

Beauty comes down to mathematics.
When designing a car? You don't start from emotions.
Giorgetto Giugiaro

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