Italdesign’s quality management system has been certifying according to ISO9001 standard since 1997. The current Quality Assurance Organization counts about 30 qualified employees tasked with supporting operation processes in design, engineering and production units, providing measurement and testing services, and certifying products.

The Metrology Department located at Moncalieri and Nichelino sites are equipped with measuring machines suitable to cover any dimensional control requirements: from the automatic single or double measuring station equipped to trace thousands of points per day to the portable measuring arms and optical measurement systems for dimensional survey through optical scanning.
The performance of available measuring equipment enables us to guarantee and certify the dimensional accuracy of our products with tolerances of less than a tenth of a millimeter.

Our skilled and continuously trained staff process controls throughout the whole production lines, quality checks on joints and closures and final release after track tests, also providing support in product reliability assessments through the execution of risk analysis (DFMEA), managing product quality prediction indexes (JD Power, Warranty, DPPM) and carrying out problem solving activities.


ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFICATION English

ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFICATION Italian

Giorgio Scarafiotti

Giorgio Scarafiotti

Head of Quality

+39 011 6891611

  • Photogrammetric scanning with portable tools, both in house or at Customer’s site.
  • Q system support and check. 2nd party audit. Process analysis.
  • Risk analysis on projects (DFMEA)
  • Assembly process checks including special processes (i.e., welding, bonding)
  • Problem management and solving
  • Qualification of prototype suppliers
  • Parts and complete vehicle dimensional check and certification
  • Functionality test on running vehicles
  • Measurement plans
  • Automatic measurement machine programming (SW Zeiss, Metrolog)
  • Dies and fixtures check and approval
  • Simultaneous engineering team Q member (JD Power, Warranty, Q requirements)