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Some say we are at the eve of a revolution in the mobility society. It is called “revolution” because the changes we are going to face will include different worlds, not only the automotive industry; this revolution will affect vehicles, infrastructures, software, laws, insurances… and it will imply a whole new approach to the mobility concept as we know it.

Italdesign has been investing in R&D and human resources to contribute to this new era in first person, strong of its fifty years of experience in the mobility industry, deploying new resources to enter, analyze, study and provide solutions to the current and future complex challenges that Cities worldwide are facing.

Smart Cities themselves will be either new cities planned from scratch, in environments that allow a brand new urbanization, or the natural evolution of existing towns.

The target is to set out advanced technologies and new services for citizens, their well-being and an intelligent use of resources.

Italdesign, also by means of strategic partnerships with various different entities – governmental offices, academies and universities, industries and startups – recognizes the importance of focusing its attention and know how on understanding the requirements of this new market, shared by different stakeholders.

Starting from human being, Italdesign aims at re-engineering cities, becoming service provider for smart solutions.

Looking at immediate and distant future, Italdesign is working intensively to deliver innovation and to train Pilot Project in tight and active collaboration with cities worldwide.

Italdesign is part of the City of Turin Lab for Autonomous and Connected Driving in Urban Environment for the ideation, creation and realization of Smart Roads.

Massimo Martinotti

Massimo Martinotti

Head of Mobility Solutions

Mobile Phone: +39 335 8323185

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