The mission of our IT Department is to support the company in providing a wide range of services dedicated to the development of both vehicles and industrial products, ranging from styling to engineering, from the manufacturing of prototypes to their testing and validation. In its many years of operation, the IT Department has supported the company in integrating its business processes with customers’ needs, by tailoring IT services to those of our customers.

Our team consists of experienced project IT specialists who constantly work on our solutions in order to increase the overall quality standards of the highly demanding automotive market. We specialize in particular in IT management, IT network architecture and IT security.

Luca Jozzo

Luca Jozzo

Head of IT

+39 011 6891611

Business services

Thanks to its long experience in business processes, our team can efficiently support all the phases of product development, and find the appropriate solution to effectively meet customers’ needs.

In particular, we mainly focus on:

  • PLM: Italdesign provide an internal, flexible and easy to integrate Product Lifecycle Management system (KBOM) that includes several services such as:
  • Bill Of Material management of a vehicle
  • Workflow management
  • Archiving CAD data with versioning
  • Prototype management
  • Technical documentation
  • Report management


  • Product Process
  • VR/AR: Italdesign has a consolidated expertise in immersive virtual reality, augmented reality tools and virtual room implementation
  • BI: Italdesign team provides an in-house BI service, through which the users can generate their own reports gathering data from a consolidated data model that integrates data coming from various sources
  • UX: we can enhance user satisfaction by improving the overall interaction with the customer’s system, particularly focusing on information architecture, visual design and usability
  • APPS and Collaboration: Italdesign has a good competence in developing specific applications. Our internal framework will help to quickly create a tailored app and establish an agile and collaborative project environment.

Network & infrastructure services

In order to provide customers with the right collaboration platform, Italdesign Network and Infrastructure team is able to deliver communication services and accelerate their activation. According to the collaboration model agreed with customers, several scenarios can be activated ranging from basic data exchange and VPN connections to the most advanced collaboration platform which includes the set-up of a fully operative “Project House”. The latter involves a physical location provided to customers at Italdesign premises with dedicated physical spaces with access control, as well as Network and IT Services segregation (VLANs, FWs, NAC, Multi-tenant storage) ensuring compliance with confidentiality and security requirements.

Information security

The experience and expertise of our employees are key to the success of our Company.

Therefore, the goal of Information Security is protecting our data. To this end, we implement different layers of security that create a “culture of security” throughout the whole Company.

We implement state-of-the-art security solutions: our Information Security Management System (ISMS) and the related processes are based on automotive industry’s best practices and standards.

Italdesign has certified its locations and business processes ISO27001: 

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Italdesign IT Security Model