Italdesign designs new Moscow Metro in collaboration with TMH

The Russian company is the 4th leading manufacturer of railway vehicles in the world


Italdesign is pleased to announce a new collaboration with TMH to develop the brand new Moscow Metro.
THM is the 4th leading manufacturer of railways vehicles in the world.

Moscow Metro is one of the most important and most frequented mass transit system in the world. Other than that it’s one of a kind: no other systems in the world can compare with its opulent architecture; for its stunning spaces is one of the most interesting tourist attraction.

Italdesign co-worked with THM to develop the forward-looking design language for both the exterior and interior. Functionality, elegance, ergonomics and state-of-the-art technology are the common key words Italdesign kept in mind to develop both exterior and interior.


LCD | LED route high resolutions monitors have been used to make the train perfectly visible from a distance, showing all the relevant information for the passengers.

Ergonomic seats, protective screens that separate seats from the entrance area, new handrails with warm to the touch cover over the whole surface, zoning illumination and air disinfection system are some of the many features travellers can find onboard.