FIAT's brief  forecast a 3 doors version and a  5 doors  version. Thanks to a third light introduced behind the last cut door ,5 doors version keeps intact the general layout and architecture of three doors version.
It is characterised by simple  clean and non striking lines. FIAT Uno is a real icon of the 80's.

Simple style an new motorization make this car loved by the public and insiders.
Some experimented technical solutions of Isuzu Piazza are proposed again on this car , like the elimination of drips  and the windows close to the bodywork; and the  door pillar  optical foldaway in 5 doors version, just like the Medusa.


Fiat Uno is presented to the press at Cape Canaveral,  The Nasa space base where usually shuttles leave for aerospace missions.

Main topics


Roominess The interior space is an issue that is often sacrificed in favor of exotic lines satisfying the most hedonistic side of car drivers. Giugiaro and Italdesign Giugiaro instead put a lot of attention to this issue, spanning through the decades and ideally beginning with the Megagamma and the Capsula projects in the 70s to get to the EMAS project in 2010.

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