GEA: the future of luxury mobility

Based on the "Piloted Driving" technology outlook for the future, Gea is a new concept for the automobiles: the focus shifts from the driver to the back passengers, with an app you can control the car and transform its cockpit.

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GEA’s vision is based on the “Piloted Driving” technology outlook for the future: technological advancement, which allows cars to drive increasingly autonomously, will call in the future for a new idea of automobile. The conceptual center of gravity shifts ideally from the driver's seat, around which the car's architectural and ergonomic philosophy is usually developed, to the passengers in the rear seats. Once the car drives autonomously through city traffic, on the motorway and in all those situations when driving is simply not a pleasure, it allows the occupants to focus on other tasks or interests.

In the near future, the real luxury will be time. The time spent travelling will become productive even in a car. With the three internal setting configurations, which can be selected on the control sphere situated between the two front seats, the car can turn into a travelling office, a wellness or a dream area


The front and rear lighting system is based on Audi laserlight and LED technology. They become a communication tool between the interior and the exterior. The LEDs change color according to the driving mode selected: white in normal configuration and blue with piloted driving.”


In this vision of the luxury mobility of the future, even getting into the car takes on a brand new connotation. Thanks to the book-type doors, to the absence of a B-pillar and to the virtual red carpet projected onto the ground by the LED inserted in the door sill, passengers gain easy access to the inside of the GEA's lounge.